Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Better Than Being An Employee

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Better Than Being An Employee – It is no news that there is an increasing rate of entrepreneurs in the world as a lot of countries are now keying into the entrepreneurship trend and also the economy of these countries has made it easier for individuals to utilize the available resources. Entrepreneurs are seen to be game changers as they contribute immensely to the growth and development of every country.

Who wouldn’t want to have their own future in their hands; this is what being an entrepreneur offers you. You become part of your own plan instead of another person’s plan. Anybody can become an entrepreneur but not everybody can become an entrepreneur as we will still have people that we would have to hire to work for us. But do you want to be an entrepreneur or an employee.

These two have their pros and cons but it is better to become an entrepreneur than working for and under someone especially in this part of the world. Entrepreneurship is the real deal and in Nigeria, being an employee can be tiring as you could get frustrated by your employer, by the job and many other challenges. As an employee, you have limits to what you can actually do for the company or organization you are working for and in some cases you get underemployed that is what you earn is less than your value or what you put into your place of work.

If you still thinking looking for reason you should become an entrepreneur especially in Nigeria, then you saw this article right in time. We are going to be giving you a few reasons being an entrepreneur is better than being an employee. Aside this, we will also be revealing some other relevant information on how you could become an entrepreneur and establish a successful business enterprise.

Before we proceed to the table of content, we mentioned underemployment in one of the paragraphs above, let’s throw more light on that.

What Is Underemployment?

Many of us are used to unemployment but this is quite different from unemployment. Unemployment is a situation whereby you don’t have a paid employment meaning you are without a job.

Well, underemployment is a situation where you are employed but you are receiving less than your worth or value. Here you are working but what you earn as either salaries or wages is less compared to the work you do and the experience and skill you have.

In some context, this can be a situation where you job doesn’t reflect your skill, experience or training. Here, you are unable to find a job in your field and then accept the available job position in order to make ends meet.

This situation is prevalent in Nigeria presently due to the problem of labour surplus. Here, there are able-bodied men that are willing and ready to work but couldn’t find a paid employment. These set of people may resort to settling for any available job even if it is outside their field.

Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Better Than Being An Employee

Like we have said earlier that being an entrepreneur means you would be a change agent to your community and society at large. There is no doubt that you get to gain a lot from becoming an entrepreneur than you would working for someone. Though being an entrepreneur involves taking risk but if you become successful, it will change your life for the best.

Let’s look at some reasons you should start considering being an entrepreneur and even if you are working for someone now, you can start preparing yourself to becoming your own boss and be in control of your life.

  • You get to control your life

When you are working for someone, every effort you put in is for the growth of the company or organization. You make plans to help in the growth of the company even at your own expense sometimes.

But being an entrepreneur makes you become the master planner of your own life. You make decisions on how to improve yourself so as to improve your business and shape your destiny. Every success you make is for you and your business and you get to control the pace of your life.

Also, your financial status is not tied to the success of anyone but yourself and so if you work harder, you get to reap the fruit of your labour directly as your business will grow and become successful.

  • You get to be your own boss

This is one great feeling of being an entrepreneur; you are independent and answer to no one unlike when you work for or under an employer. When you are working for someone, there is a limit to the things you can do as you will have to seek permission to do certain things. But as an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your life and decision.

Being an entrepreneur gives you a chance to control how you work, what you do and who you work with. You control every part of your business and make every decision. You are not restricted to any rules except if you set any rule you guide you and the people that work for you.

You are at liberty to change anything in your business and take steps that will promote your business.

  • You become creative and innovative

As an employee, you might be creative but since you are working for someone, anything you do will be for the company or organization you work for and they take the glory for any creative idea your come up with and either give you promotion or bonus for your hard work.

Being an entrepreneur means that you are creative and innovative as these are qualities of an entrepreneur. You get to identify problems around you and this inspires you to generate ideas to turn these problems into business opportunities.

Creativity is what makes you establish your business as an entrepreneur and it will also help you expand the business achieve more greatness in the future.

  • You become a problem solver

Even if you develop problem solving skills as an employee, you have a limit to what you can and cannot do unlike being an entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur is a problem solver and you get to become very good at this as it become a normal routine. Many successful businesses were established in order to solve problems and meet people’s needs and that is why they are thriving in any situation and economy.

Being an entrepreneur makes you an expert at solving problems as you won’t get bored at identifying problems and making something out of it.

  • You become a job creator instead of a job seeker

Entrepreneurs are job creators either for themselves or for others. Establishing a business takes you out of the job market and instead of working for someone, you become a job creator. You will have to opportunity to change the world you live in, impact people’s lives and give them an avenue to earn a living.

  • No dress code

When you work for a company or organization, you are compelled to follow any dress code in your work place. But as an entrepreneur, you don’t get to follow any dress code except you want to set out dress code for your employees as a way of defining your brand.

  • Freedom to travel

As an employee, you can’t leave your job except you are on a leave and even if you want to travel for an emergency, you will have to take permission and in some cases follow protocol and due process but an entrepreneur wouldn’t have to go through all these because it’s your business.

This doesn’t mean you would be travelling on a regular basis for irrelevant reasons but you get to travel whenever you without needing permission but you will have to put a capable hand in charge to oversee the business while you are away.

  • There is no age barrier

People ask the question of “at what age can I become an entrepreneur?” some others also ask “what age can I retire as an entrepreneur?” Well the answer to these questions is that there is not age to starting and ending your entrepreneurship career.

When you are an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t have to worry about when you would retire as the journey is an interesting one. There is no age limit to being an entrepreneur provided you are creative, innovative and ready to take calculated risk in establishing a business.

  • You never feel undervalued

Earlier in this article, we talked about underemployment; this is a case when you do not earn according to your worth or value. When you are working for someone, you might start feeling undervalued maybe after bring a creative idea to the table and you were not well appreciated for it or you were not give incentives for your hard work.

As an entrepreneur, your hard work is being rewarded by the success and growth of your business. You will never feel undervalued because everything you do and every creative idea you come up with is for the growth of your business so you will even enjoy doing more.

  • You get to spend more time with family

Being an employee especially working in the banking institution, you might not really have enough time for your family as you might go early to work and come back late at night. Well, we are not saying as an entrepreneur you wouldn’t go early to your business and return late but it is up to you unlike an employee working for someone. As an entrepreneur, you get to decide the time and hours to work and how to schedule your activities so you can spend quality time with family. You decide if you spend the whole day or half with your family and also hang out too but these activities shouldn’t disrupt business activities.

  • You create opportunity for family members

You should know that as an entrepreneur, you are a job creator and so you could hire your family members to work in your company if they are willing and ready to contribute to the growth of the business especially if it is a family business. Members of your family might not have to look for job elsewhere as you could give them a position in your firm.

  • You choose the time you work and number of hours

This is one sweet part of owning a business; you are not compelled to work from 9-5. It’s your job so you can choose to start and stop work at any time. The number of hours you choose to work is up to you and also how you want to work too. Though entrepreneurs are always encouraged to work hard and smart, being an entrepreneur gives you the time you need to organize your life and your family.

  • You can work from anywhere

Being an entrepreneur offers you the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere especially if the business can be done remotely. You can work from home or a café depending in the kind of business you do but most times, entrepreneurs establish their businesses in a location as many entrepreneur need licenses to run their businesses.

  • You contribute to the society

Like we said earlier that entrepreneurs are change agents; they contribute greatly to the growth and development of them society as the goods they produce and services they render help to meet needs and solve problems.

They contribute also by creating employment opportunities for people and contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Every entrepreneur you know has contributed in one way or the other to the society they live in, you can do you research.

  • You report to nobody

Employees are known to have superiors no matter your position in the company or organization. As far as you are working for someone, you will have to report to someone unlike when you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you answer to no one. Every decision is made by you and you are in charge or everything that goes on in your business except you delegate the responsibilities but you will still have to oversee how things are going.

  • You build your own team

When you are working for someone, the team you work with is a team of other employees like you; you might not have the authority to choose your team members unlike when you are the one running the business.

As an entrepreneur, you get the chance to choose the people that work for you as you know that these people are the face of your business and also the workforce that will propel your business to success. You also get to build your team and intimate them with the vision and mission of your company so that they can carry on your legacy even of you are not there.

  • You earn a living doing what you love

Many businesses were established out of passion and that is why they have thrived in any situation and become successful. As an entrepreneur, you are to be passionate about what you do but the sweet thing about this is not your passion but the fact that you earn a living for your passion.

  • No fear of being laid off

When you are working for someone, you do your best so as not to get laid off from work. You put in so much work so as to retain your job and maybe get a promotion but this is not the case when you are an entrepreneur.

When you own a business, you are only scared of being out of business and not being laid off from work. You work hard to ensure the continuous growth of your business as this is your source of livelihood.

  • You become good at taking risk

Every entrepreneur is a risk taker but this doesn’t mean they take any and every risk. As an entrepreneur, you are to be calculative in the kind of risk you take. Entrepreneur think critically in order to take better risk that will yield positive outcome at minimal cost. When you are an entrepreneur, you become so good at what you do and also gain a lot of experience in what you do because you must have faced a lot of challenges along the way.

  • You get to dream big and achieve great

Like we have said earlier that being an entrepreneur makes you to be a part of your own dream and not someone else’s. this is an avenue for you to dream and also actualize your dream. You make your vision a reality and create a legacy.

Final Note

It is no news anymore that entrepreneurs are pivotal in the development of every countries economy and Nigeria is no exception as they contribute to the GDP of the country and also help generate employment opportunities.

From everything we have said so far in this article, you must have seen that it is better being an entrepreneur than being an employee as you get to enjoy the benefits that come with being an entrepreneur but you should also know that it is not easy being an entrepreneur. It involves risk taking, creative thinking and effective communication too.

You should know that being successful doesn’t happen overnight and so you will have to be patient and be ready to meet obstacles along the way. These challenges make you stronger and more experienced.

Even if you are an employee and you are thinking of quitting your job and being on your own, you will have to think about it critically so that you don’t end up regretting your decision.

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