How To Protect Your Job In Nigeria

How To Protect Your Job In Nigeria – A lot of people have fallen victims of being laid off from work without much of a reason and with the looming unemployment rate in the country, leaving your job should be the last thing on your mind right now. But how are you going to make sure your job is protected.

It is no news that getting a job in Nigeria is more of who you know and sometimes after getting the job, you still have to know your way around for the job to be secured. The thing is that there is no guarantee about the security of your job especially if you are working in a private company where the employers can lay off workers for a number of reasons; even if you are religious, you should know that you will have to put in more work for you to be retained and not rely totally on grace.

You wouldn’t want to leave a well-paying job in the present situation of the country and especially if you are the breadwinner of the home. There are no jobs in the country and it is important that you keep the job you already have and we are going to show you how you can actually protect your job in Nigeria and avoid being laid off even when it’s a general retrenchment of some workers.

You shouldn’t stop reading this article at any point as every information here matters.

Before we proceed, we are going to show you a list of what we will be discussing in this article.

Table of Content

  • What is job security?
  • Why you should protect your job
  • How to protect your job in Nigeria

Let’s proceed…

What Is Job Security?

Job security is the probability that you will keep your job regardless of what may come in the future. When your job has security, you are sure to keep that job for a long period of time and may only leave the job when you retire.

Not all jobs in Nigeria has security especially if you are working in the private sector and it takes a lot of effort from you to make your boss or employer believe that they can’t do without you.

With the present situation of the country, you wouldn’t want to lose your job as there are no much jobs in the country and anybody that has one is trying so hard to keep the job in any possible way they can.

What’s next?

Why You Should Protect Your Job

In a country like Nigeria, they are a lot of reasons you should protect your job and since they are no jobs waiting for you out there, it is better you do all you can to keep the one you have. Like the saying goes “a bird at hand is worth two in the bush”.

So here are the reasons you should do all you can to protect your job…

  • You won’t have to go through the stress of looking for a job

The job search process can be tiring and stressful and losing your job will mean that you will have to go back to searching for a new job which will mean applying and preparing for series of interview.

If you think about this stress, you will definitely want to do all you can to protect your present job especially if it is a high paying job and you should know that there is a low demand for labour in the country due to surplus labour so quitting or leaving your job doesn’t guarantee that you will get another one immediately.

Even if you get a worthwhile opportunity, you will still have to go interview where you will have to put in effort and make an impression for you to stand out from other candidate looking to get the same job.

  • You don’t have to rebuild relationship at workplace

There is nothing as stressful and overwhelming as rebuilding relationships especially new relationships. It is more like starting from the scratch and so leaving your job for whatever reason will mean that you will meet new people in your new workplace if you get another job and you will have to work on building a relationship with them so as to enjoy working there.

  • It gives you financial stability

The joy of being on a payroll and getting your pay as at when due is second to none and you know leaving your job will mean that no pay for you till you get your next job. How would you cope with this?

A situation where you are the one footing the bills and meeting up with family expenses, it is not going to be easy doing that when you lose your job. Protecting your job will ensure financial stability as you get a steady stream and source of income at least for the time you would be working in the company.

If your job is a well-paying one, you should try your best to protect the job as it might be difficult to get another one if you lose it especially in Nigeria.

  • You won’t have to settle for less in the search for a new job

Imagine you are earning around N100,000 – N200,000 monthly and you lose that job to end up getting a job of N50,000-N70,000; this is more like moving from grace to grass. Leaving your current job will subject you to settling for less especially here where it is difficult to get a well-paying job.

Also, your standard of living would drop as you will have to fit your expenses and bills to move with your current income and this might be difficult to achieve so it is important that you do your best to protect your job so you don’t have to take anything that comes to hand.

  • You continue to enjoy the benefits that comes with your current job

Some jobs come with benefits that you wouldn’t want to lose like health, accommodation, transportation and also feeding and so losing that job would mean that you would also lose out on the benefits attached to the job.

Even if you get a new job, you might not get to see and enjoy the kind of benefits your previous job offered. So protect your job so you protect your job benefits.

  • You could get a promotion and a raise on your current job

Working hard will certainly draw you close to getting a promotion and a raise in your current workplace and when you lose your job, you might not get the opportunity to get a promotion or a raise.

  • You won’t have to start afresh

Leaving your current job and taking up a new one would mean that you would have to start afresh and might even have to relocate to a new environment. It is more like having a fresh start and it certainly will not be easy for you.

The process of updating your CV, applying for jobs and going for interviews is going to be stressful and overwhelming as it might have been years you did these things.

  • You won’t have to go through the stress of adapting to a new workplace

Like we mentioned earlier that leaving your job and getting a new one might mean that you will have to relocate to a new environment and you know the stress of moving, adapting and settling in a new place.

So you have seen the reasons you should protect your job, let’s look at how you can actually protect your job so you don’t get to lose the job.

How To Protect Your Job

The tips we are going to be showing you in the part of the article will help you to keep your job even when your company is laying off workers as you will be safe. The more efforts you put in your job, the greater your chances of staying longer on the job.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

  • Always be ready to work

The thing is that, if you think that nobody is watching you, you might just be surprised that someone is actually watching you and this is why you must always be ready to work. You will have to show your boss or employer that you are ready to work as it will go a long way in making them rely on you for certain jobs. Never act lazy towards your job and any other task given.

  • Always do your work well

It is very important that you deliver any task given to you to the best of your ability; it shows that you are dedicated and committed to the growth of the company. Every employer wants a worker that is ready to put in their best to promote the success of the company.

With this attitude, you won’t get laid off from work even when there is a retrenchment of workers as you will be seen as a reliable person.

  • Come to work early

Which employer doesn’t hate lateness? Everyone does and if you are an employer, you would do same. So if you want to keep your job, you should be punctual at work as this will show your dedication and devotion to work.

If lateness is a criterion to lay off workers; you wouldn’t have to panic as you are always punctual to work.

  • Be creative

Nothing beats creativity and definitely, you wouldn’t have to be scared about losing your job if you are seen as one of the creative persons at your work place and this is because you will certainly be among those that bring ideas and ways to promote the company and no company would want to let go of these kind of people even if they are laying off workers and this is because no company will want to lose these capable hands.

So if you want to protect your job, you will have to be able to think outside the box and bring something new to the table or an existing idea in a modified way and your employer will certainly be proud of you and wouldn’t want to let you go that easy.

  • Learn how to manage time wisely

Time management is the real deal and if you are good at this, you will definitely keep your job. Time management is about using time properly and efficiently and when you do this, you would finish your job on time and also avoid procrastination.

Time management is a very important skill to have most especially as an employee as it will help you know what to do at the right time and also know your priorities. With this, you will get to deliver work before deadlines and this will make you to be reliable and dependable.

  • Take on extra work

Every employer loves workers that take on extra jobs willingly without being told to and even if you are given one, do it diligently and happily as it is a great way of securing your job. With this attitude, you will be seen as a valuable worker that is willing to contribute to the growth and development of the organization.

Taking on these extra assignments will mean that you are willing to put in your best even if it means doing more than you are expected to do.

  • Be a problem solver

Problem solving skill is a very important skill to possess in whatever area you find yourself and if you possess this quality as an employee, you days at your workplace will be longer as you will be able to offer solutions that will foster the growth and development of the organization.

Problem solvers are valuable in where ever they find themselves and this is because they are creative and look for better ways to solve problems and ensure that things go well. Instead of losing your job, with this attitude you might earn a promotion and a raise.

  • Always meet up with deadlines

If you really want to be valued at your workplace and build a long lasting relationship with your boss at least for the time you would be at the organization, you will have to make sure you meet up with the deadlines for any project or assignment given to you.

You can do this by managing time properly and also avoid procrastination. Try to organize yourself and also prioritize your work so you can finish all your task and assignments on time.

Your ability to keep to deadlines will help you deliver and this will contribute to the growth of the organization.

  • Have a positive attitude to work

Being negative towards your job will make you treat it will a laissez faire or lackadaisical attitude which will make you deliver poor jobs. You will have to be happy at what you do and develop passion for it. It will act as a drive to put in your best and deliver your best to promote the growth of the organization.

Regardless of what happens at work, when you always keep a happy face and also extend the happiness to others as you will prove to be a team player and leader too. A positive attitude makes you do things even when you don’t feel like doing it. Your employer will certainly want to keep you.

  • Understand the company and how you fit in

You might be a worker in a company but you will only function well when you understand the company and what it stands for. You will have to understand the organization you are working for and how you can actually fit in so as to give your best.

Try to understand the organization’s goals, mission, vision, values and culture. This will certainly show your employer that you care about the progress of the organization and that you want to be a part of the success story of the organization.

  • Respect your boss

You cannot afford to be disrespectful as this will number your days at the organization. Always respect your boss and show that you are ready to offer your assistance as this will make you a reliable worker that the company can depend on.

  • Learn new skills

You shouldn’t be an archaic or old fashioned person as this will make you miss out on learning and trying new things. Try to develop on new skills that will help promote the success of the company.

Learning new skills will help you bring something new to the table that will help take the organization to a greater height and every employer will keep people that bring new and useful ideas to the table every now and then.

  • Be ready to change and accept change

Like we mentioned earlier that you cannot be old fashioned and so be flexible and open-minded. Learn to accept change and also see change as a constant thing that must happen if you want to growth.

Accepting changes will mean that you are ready to adapt to any new style of doing things provided it will help in the success of the organization.

  • Be a team player

Working with a team will help you adapt to your workplace easily and the thing is nothing beats team work. You must have heard the saying that “two good heads and better than one”. So you should be ready to work with a team and show that you can work with a team without any issues.

  • Leave your problems at home when you are at work

Having a divided attention will cause you to make mistakes and you should know that making a costly mistake will make you lose your job. So you should try as much as possible to leave family issues at home so you won’t be distracted from working and giving your best at what you do.

  • Keep your CV updated

You should make sure you update your CV with any new information you would want your employer to know about. It could be a new skill, accomplishment and education too.

  • Learn from mistakes

We all know that mistakes are bad but you should know that it will help you to become more experienced and also brings you close to you success. So it is important that you learn from mistakes and also ready to apply what you have learnt and how you can do it. 

Mistakes and failures are stepping stones to success and so if you fail at any point, learn from it and apply what you have learnt from the mistakes. 

  • Get along with your colleagues at work

For you to adapt properly in an environment you will have to relate with your colleagues at work. This will help you become a great team player and also improve your happiness at work place.

Getting along with your colleague will help you respect everyone and also get respected too.

Final Note

Getting a job in Nigeria is quite difficult and like we have said in the beginning of the article, you cannot afford to lose your job when you can actually make use of the tips we have highlighted in this article to help you deliver your best and ensure that your job is protected.

We hope that we have satisfied your curiosity on how you can actually protect your job in Nigeria because if you lose your job, there might not be another job waiting for you out there. Your employer will value you more when they see that you are reliable and dependable at any point in time.

In a nutshell, if you want to protect your job you will have to be valuable in your workplace as it will make you irreplaceable.

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