How To Start A Side Hustle With No Experience

How To Start A Side Hustle With No Experience – The economy of the country is already an eye opener to everyone. Nobody is totally relying in their 9-5job as they now see the importance of having a side hustle that will help them generate extra income to pay up bills and meet needs.

Having a side hustle is no longer a new thing in Nigeria as some people even have up to three side hustles which bring them money. Having a side hustle could be that you are rendering service(s) to people and you are being pay for the service(s) rendered.

With side hustles, you have the freedom to work for multiple clients and also enjoy some other benefits that comes with it though one challenge with side hustle is trying to manage your time properly so it doesn’t encroach into your normal job.

There are a lot of side hustle ideas that you can actually start in Nigeria even without money or experience. The question here is how would you start a side hustle in Nigeria with no experience? Well, we bring you good tidings as this article will answer that question and give you other information about side hustle.  We are going to be highlighting some tips for you if you are considering starting a side hustle but have little or no experience in your field.

Table of contents

  • What is a side hustle
  • Benefits of having a side hustle
  • How to start a side hustle with no experience in Nigeria
  • Side hustle to pursue with little experience

What Is A Side Hustle?

Before you think of starting a side hustle, it is important you know what it entails and how you can go about it. Presently in the country, a lot of people do not rely on only one job to pay the bills; some have up to 3 jobs. Besides in the country, it is unwise to have only one job as this might not be enough to meet your needs.

Side hustle is any job or business that you do aside your normal full-time jobs that earn you a living. This is a way to make money aside your 9-5job; it allows you to earn extra cash to meet your needs and also you a certain level of financial freedom.

We all know how the economy of the country is and how we do our best to make ends meet but with a side hustle, the struggle become easy and fair. You get to meet up with emergencies, buy things you need and want and also worry less about your finance.

In the present economic situation, your 9-5job is not enough to pay the bills especially if you are just starting your career and you barely have the experience or qualification for a promotion; a side hustle will help you cover up some expenses.

A side hustle could be a business where you will have to sell goods to consumers or it could be a freelancing business where you will have to render services to clients and get paid for every job you do. One thing about some side hustles is that you get to work for multiple clients especially as a freelancer.

It is very important that you start thinking of starting a freelancing business if you don’t have any as it has a lot of benefits which we are going to be highlighting below.

Benefits Of Having a Side Hustle

The benefits of having a side hustle in Nigeria is endless but we will be listing a few of them and some of which you might also acquiesce to if not all. Without further ado, let’s proceed.

  • You get to pay up some bills

The truth is your 9-5job might not be enough to pay up some bills and even if it is, you might not have leftover money after meeting all your needs; this is where having a side hustle comes in. You get to pay up some bills and have leftover for other things.

When you have a side hustle, you wouldn’t solely rely on your full-time job and sometimes, you wouldn’t have to wait till you get your salary before you pay up bills as you have an extra source of income that might be coming in daily or weekly depending on the kind of side hustle.

  • It helps you stay out of debts

Since you have an extra source of income, you won’t have to rely one only what comes from your full-time job to meet your needs and sometimes your salary might not be enough to meet your needs which will result to borrowing money to pay some bills. But when you have a side hustle, you wouldn’t need to borrow money to meet your needs.

Side hustles to an extent help you to be financially stable there you will have enough to meets your needs and also leftover to save for rainy days. So when emergencies come, you wouldn’t have to borrow to sort out the problem.

  • It helps you worry less about finance

We mentioned earlier that having an extra source hustle help you to be financially stable as you wouldn’t get to worry about how you would meet a financial need or pay up bills. It helps you to save up money and this savings will serve as back up in time of financial problems.

Having a multiple streams of income aside your traditional full time job gives you a level of financial freedom meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about how to meet up with your financial needs.

  • It helps you meet up with emergencies

When you encounter emergency situations, you feel trapped and handicapped but with a side hustle; you will have money to meet up with unforeseen events. When you have a side hustle from where you earn extra cash, you would definitely have enough money to save and prepare for unplanned events.

It is true that you cannot be hundred percent ready for emergencies but you can prepare yourself for whatever comes and you side hustle acts like a cushion in the case where the earnings from your traditional full-time jobs can’t meet up with these emergencies.

  • It helps to build wealth

You should know that high income leads to high savings and high savings leads to high investment so if you have an extra source of income aside your normal 9-5job, you get to save up a tangible amount of money and this money can also be used for investment to make more money and increase wealth.

Trying to do this with your traditional full-time job might take time but with your side hustle, it become quicker and also easier.

  • It improves your time management ability

Working on a side hustle after returning from your full-time job is not really easy as you will have to know how to use your time wisely. Having a side hustle will help improve your ability to use time wisely and you would always be conscious of time knowing that every second matters.

The consciousness of the importance of time will help you see how valuable time is and improve your ability to manage time properly.  Overtime, you get to understand how to manage and balance your full-time job and your side hustle.

  • It helps you to reach financial goals faster

Like we have mentioned earlier that having a side hustle will help increase your ability to save up money. Saving money will help you meet up with financial goals and when you have a side hustle, you get to save up money faster to meet up with any financial goal you set for yourself unlike when you have to rely on only your full-time job which might not even have the capacity to meet your needs and still reserve money for saving.

  • It leads to self-development

Working on another job aside your normal full-time job will help you develop some skills and improve yourself. Working and exploring on your own ideas will give you the opportunity to learn a lot of things and become a better person.

Most side jobs help you to become creative and this opens your mind to new things thereby increasing your knowledge.

It will also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • It helps you expand your network

Let’s take a freelancing business for instance, you get to work with multiple clients from different location and in this way you build and expand you network. You also get to learn a thing or two working with them.

Your side hustle puts you in a place where you meet people you might not have met on a regular day and links you up with connections that might benefit you later on. You never can tell who will pick up the phone and inform you about a job or refer you to someone for a job.

  • It boosts your confidence

Have you wondered how it feels to be able to meet your needs and pay up bills without having to borrow money? This is the position side hustles put you. You get to meet up with needs and bills even before due dates. There is this confidence that comes with being independent; this is as a result of financial stability and freedom.

How to start a side hustle with no experience in Nigeria

Like we have said earlier that the economy of the country has made having a side hustle important as most normal full-time jobs can’t cater for all your needs. In Nigeria, you will need to have an extra source of income to help you pay up bills, stay out of debt, save and also invest. Even if your full-time job can pay your bills, gaining financial stability might take time unlike when you have a side hustle.

For someone that doesn’t have an experience as to how to go about starting a side hustle, we will be showing you some tips on how you can start a side hustle in Nigeria as it doesn’t take you anything just your focus and determination.

Let’s get started…

  • Figure out what you want to do

The truth is that you cannot do everything; you will have to figure out what interests you as this will help you stay motivated and focus. You will have to love the side hustle you want to do so that you will do it well and be successful.

You should know that as a side hustle, it would be done at hours when you might be tired after the day’s work and it only takes motivation and zest to do it; in this case, it is only something that interests you that will drive you.

So take your time to figure out what you want to do, you can actually make a list of what interest you whether you have little or no experience on how to make it a side hustle. It could be writing, designing, painting etc.

  • Set out goal(s)

If you have actually figured out what you want to do as a side hustle, you will have to set goals for yourself. This is one way you will stay motivated and zealous. You goal(s) give you a sense of purpose and direction as you know that you have a target you want to meet.

Why do you want a side hustle? Why are you choosing a particular side hustle? What would you want to achieve at the end of the day? Is this side hustle financially viable? All these will help you set clear and achievable goals for yourself and keep you motivated even when you feel tired.

  • Know how to manage time wisely

Time management is a very important skill to possess if you want to have a side hustle. Your normal full-time job might be a 9-5 job leaving you with about 14-15 hours of which you will also have to rest for the next day’s work. This is why you really need to know how to manage your time properly so as to avoid being stressed.

Proper time management will help you deliver jobs even before deadlines. You should know that time is valuable and as someone that has a side hustle, certainly every second is valuable. You wouldn’t want to spend time on irrelevant things.

  • Avoid procrastination

Leaving today’s work for tomorrow only adds to tomorrow’s work and this will make you do things in a haste causing you to make mistakes. This is why you need proper time management and self-discipline as it will help you overcome procrastination. Self-discipline will motivate you to do what you have to do even when you don’t feel like doing it.

If you want to start a side hustle, you will have to know how to overcome procrastination especially if you are a procrastinator; look for ways to keep yourself motivated and determined as this is the only way you will be successful in your side hustle.

  • Know how to communicate with people

If you want to run a successful side hustle like freelancing business, you will have to improve your communication skill. You will have to make your clients understand why you are the best fit for the job. Good communication skill will help you build and expand network.

  • Make sure to balance both full-time job and side hustle

If you have a normal full-time job, then you would have to make sure you start a side hustle that doesn’t have a conflict of interest with your full-time job. Like we advised that you should do something that interests you but you should don’t something that will affect your full-time job.

Before you even decide you quit your normal job to face your side hustle on a full time basis, you will have to be sure that your side hustle can cater for your needs and foot the bills too.

But try to balance your full-time job and side hustle. Set out a schedule for your side hustle; you know that the side hustle is your own job and so you will have to set a convenient time that will not disturb your full-time job.

In setting out time for your side hustle, you will also have to set out time to rest and prepare for another day’s work. Constant practice of this routine will make you become accustomed to it especially when you have the zeal for what you are doing.

  • Don’t be carefree about your full-time job

Some people get carried away with their side hustle that they begin to treat their full-time job with levity and nonchalance. In as much as having a side hustle gives you a level of financial freedom; you won’t also neglect the importance of your full-time job. So you will have to always put in energy and do your best.

Do not try to run both at the same time as the end result might be brutal; always take your full-time job serious regardless of how much is coming from your side hustle unless you have decided to quit your full-time job and concentrate fully in your side hustle as your main source of income.

  • Understand that a side hustle is not a get-rich-quick scheme

A side hustle doesn’t make you rich overnight. Remember that it is a way of earning extra cash to support your 9-5job and even if you are earning high, you shouldn’t expect to get rich quick as it takes time and investments to be financially stable.

You can improve yourself and see how you can make your side hustle a full-time hustle that will be yielding massive income. You have to be consistent and determined for you to make headway with your side hustle.

Side Hustles To Pursue In Nigeria With Little Experience

There are a lot of side hustles to choose from and the easiest of them are the ones that you can do online. The world is going digital and most businesses are being done online making it easier for a lot of people to work remotely.

We are going to be talking about some side hustles you can do in Nigeria even if you have little experience.

  • Create and sell your own goods

It is going to be a great business if it is borne out of what you love doing.  You will surely enjoy it and also be motivated to do it well. You just have to think about something that interests you even if you are not getting paid for it yet. It could be sewing, knitting, painting etc. these are what you can use to start up a side hustle.

Creating something from the things you love doing is a great way of making extra cash for yourself; if it involves using your hands to make them then you are good to go. You can always sell your handmade products and if you become better at what you do, you get to get a lot of customers and who knows, it might turn into a full-time business.

If you are in the category of people that make handmade products or turn old products into something new, you can start sourcing for resources and materials that will help you in running your side hustle successfully. This business is also one of the most lucrative side hustle to have in Nigeria as it can turn out to become a full-time business.

  • POS Agent

Presently in Nigeria, there is an increasing rise of POS agents as they are seen as mini bankers that perform the job of withdrawal and deposit of money. They have made it easier for people to withdraw and deposit money without having to the bank or ATM to stand on long queues.

This business is going to continue thriving in the Nigerian economy and if you are thinking of starting this as a side hustle, now is the time. You will just have to have capital to run the business but you don’t really need much experience. One interesting thing is that you don’t need to be there, you just put someone you trust to be in charge and see how you can detect fraudulent activities.

  • Freelance writing

This is one of the best side hustle that you can actually do remotely and you get to work for multiple clients and get paid for every service you render. You can engage in ghostwriting, proofreading, resume writing and many other freelance writing gigs.

The joy about this kind of jobs is that you can do it from anywhere and you can schedule your activities in a way that it doesn’t clash with your full-time job if you have any.

  • Online fitness trainer

You can decide to set up a gym in your own space and create workout video which you could upload on social media and YouTube and get paid for it. You can become a consultant and book online sessions with people to help them workout and you can do all this at the comfort of your home.

Creating steady content will boost your online presence and also increase the money you make inline. It is a great side hustle to start up as you will just have to manage time wisely.

  • Teach an online course

This is for those people that love teaching and want to make money from their passion; you can decide to create educational content in your field and sell it online to make some extra income for yourself. One thing with this side hustle is that it is cost free meaning that it doesn’t require any capital just your time, passion for teaching, knowledge and an internet connection. There are a lot of platforms out there which you can use to create and sell your online courses and make some cash.

  • Food delivery service

This entails a lot of food services like truck shops, homemade food and also bukas like it is called in Nigeria. Many people do not have time to cook because of the hustle and bustle and this is a great avenue to make some cash as a side hustle. For you to do well in this business whether you are preparing homemade food or fast-foods, you will have to make sure your food tastes great as it will make you stand out in this business.

You can also decide to run an online food delivery business where you deliver food to people that order from them.

  • Event planning

If you are good at planning events like weddings, birthdays, house warming, anniversaries etc. then this is a side hustle for you. It could be decorating venues for events or getting a situation place for events.

One great to start this side hustle is from your family and friends; you could do it for free and from there, you kick start your journey of planning events and making cash out of it.

  • Start a YouTube channel

We all know that YouTube is a platform where people visit to learn a lot of things and some others visits it to catch cruise. You can dive into this space and start creating quality contents on a regular basis. You will have to upload high quality videos that will match your audience search intent as this will increase the number of people that watch your videos and also follow your channel knowing that they will always get quality content from your channel.

This side hustle is one of the best in Nigeria presently and an interesting part of this is that you get to earn in dollar. You just have to be consistent about delivering quality contents. You don’t really need much of an experience to do this.

  • Start a blog

Starting a blog is another sweet side hustle making wave in Nigeria presently. You can actually do this job remotely and at your own convenience. Blogging allows you to express your passion in a particular niche and enlighten people about some things you know. You get to reach out to people that have the same interest as you through your writing and pass information that is useful to them.

This is a great way to earn extra cash for yourself aside your 9-5job but this doesn’t happen overnight. It could take a couple of years before you start making money through blogging and it could grow to the point where you would have to quit your full-time job and run the blog on a full time.

You could make money from sponsored ads, affiliate marketing or even selling your own product on your website.

  • Dropshipping business

This business is about selling products to customers without buying the product or having a shop. It require little or no cost with low level of risk; you job is just to bring customers in contract with the manufacturer. This business entails effectively marketing strategy and customer relationship as this will help you get a lot of customer and you can even start your own business with time.

Final Note

Side hustles are becoming a new normal in this country as a lot of people are underemployed meaning that they receive less than what they work for, making them engage in side hustles to pay the bills.

If you don’t have a side hustle today, you should start one today as it will help you to gain financial freedom to some extent and you get to enjoy some other benefits that comes with it like we have highlighted in this article.

Some side hustles require little or no capital like the ones that are carried out online. So try to figure out the one that you have passion for as the passion will act as a drive even when you don’t feel like working.

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