How To Get A Job Without Connection In Nigeria

Can you actually get a job without connection in Nigeria today? Well we will be answering that in this article as we are not going to out rightly say yes or no but we will definitely show you how you can get a job without connection in Nigeria.

We are all used to the trend that you cannot get a job in Nigeria today without connections and this ideology has made a lot of young graduates unemployed. In as much as you will need connection to get a job in Nigeria, you can actually get a job without connection in Nigeria. Some people call it grace, well if that is what you call it.

Getting a job in Nigeria is 60% connection and 40% other things including work experience. But this shouldn’t be what you should always have in mind when searching for a job in Nigeria whether as a fresh or old graduates. There are some people who didn’t know anyone in the company or organization they work for but they get the job.

In our bid to work and compile this article, we met with some persons that we believed got their jobs without connection. They all talk on two things which we took to heart and they were skills and experience. Aside connection, you can actually get a job in Nigeria with a great skill and experience on a job.

As a fresh graduate just leaving the university without experience, you should know that you can actually land a job if you have what it takes to work in that company even if you don’t have connection. Even if you don’t have the connection, you will have to prepare yourself for the job and work towards getting it and even if you are not taken, you shouldn’t give up but improve your skill and experience, try to network with people and you will be a step towards getting your dream job.

In this article we will be showing you how you can actually get a job without connection in Nigeria because it is very possible and it is not about luck. You will have to follow us through to the end of this article to get every detail we will be dishing out to you because every information in this article matters and it is useful to you especially as a job seeker but you should know that the information in this article is not a hundred percent guarantee for you to get a job but if you follow the tips we will be giving you in the article, it will help you in landing a job in Nigeria even without connection. You will have to do your own part too.

Without much stress, let’s proceed to what we have for you.

How To Get A Job Without Connection In Nigeria

  • Plan your career

If you don’t have the connection for jobs when you graduate from the university, you will have to start planning your career before you leave the university so you wouldn’t find it difficult to get a job after graduation.

Know what your career is all about and plan yourself on how you could get a job in your career path. We all know the importance of planning in everything we do and if you plan and prepare yourself for the journey ahead, getting a job in Nigeria wouldn’t be a problem even without connection.

  • Focus on your career

The reason some people don’t actually get a job is lack of focus. Right from your university days till after graduation, you have to be passionate about your career and set career goals for yourself. These career goals will keep you focused and motivated. Even before you graduate from the university, you should have started job hunting.

Focusing on your career when searching for job will make it easier for you to get a job in Nigeria even without connection as the employers will see you as a good fit for the job because that your field of study.

  • Have a good CV

This is one of the most important tool for every job seeker and if your CV is amazing, you have already captured the heart and attention of your potential employer. Your CV should tell your employer about your experience and skills and also highlight your accomplishments if you have any.

If you have been applying for jobs and you are always been rejected, try to look into your CV and see how you can improve it. Your CV is what the employers see before even thinking of granting you an interview and if this document doesn’t sell you and your experience then getting the job won’t be easy for you.

If you have an amazing CV, you can actually get a job without connection in Nigeria. You can get professional help writing your CV so that you can write a CV that would get your potential employer’s attention.

  • Write a good cover letter

Another important tool for job seekers is the cover letter. It goes hand-in-hand with the CV when you are searching for job in Nigeria. You will have to write a long and wonderful cover letter that will sell you well to your potential employer.

Writing a short cover letter will make your employers feel that you don’t really have much to offer or you are not really motivated about the job. Your cover letter should show that you have passion for the job and it should give your potential employers reasons they should hire you.

In your cover letter, you will have to show your potential employer why you are a good fit for the job. It should show your quality and enthusiasm for the job; so even without connection, this could get you a job.

  • Try to get accomplishments

Having great accomplishments even before applying for a job gives you a chance in landing that job or any job you apply for. Your accomplishments are what you have achieved either locally or internationally.

These accomplishments will capture your potential employer’s attention and make them believe that you have something to offer to the organization. Your accomplishments could be from your previous jobs; this could help you get a job without connection in Nigeria.

  • Be passionate about the job

 Nothing beats passion and if your potential employer sees this in you, they would want to hire you even if you don’t have connection or you were not recommended by someone to the organization. You must have heard stories where people exhibited passion from their first day in the organization and the employer hired them instantly because of the passion they exhibited.

When you show passion for the job, you stand a chance of landing that job as your employer will see that you have what it takes to work and you will be willing to give your best and all for the growth of the organization.

So if you don’t have connection for a job, at least show passion and the will to work, it will go a long way in getting you that job.

  • Improve your skill and experience

If you have applied for your dream job and got rejected a couple of times, you will have to sit back and look at your skill and experience, it is not always about your village people. Your potential employers may be wanting to see that you have the skill or experience needed for that job position.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an old graduate, you will have to gather experience and skill; it will speak for you and also sell your quality to your potential employer. Someone that has skill and experience is believed to have quality and potentials and which organization wouldn’t want to associate with such person.

So try to improve on your skill and experience as this can get you a job without connection in Nigeria.

  • Do a professional course and get a certificate

Professional courses will give you an added advantage when applying for a job. You must have seen this as a requirement when applying for some jobs in Nigeria, this is going to tell your employers that you have a professional skill aside the skill acquired in your career.

If you really want to get a job without connection in Nigeria, you should try doing professional courses as this will boost your chances of getting the job as you might be hired to work in a job position under the professional course you studied.

  • Show that you deserve the job

In your application for a job, you will have to show your potential employer that you deserve the job. You will have to show why you should be chosen ahead of other applicants. Employers are looking to hire applicants that are ready to offer quality to the organization.

If you show that you deserve to be in the organization, then you might not necessarily need any recommendation to be employed.

  • Get to know the company better

This is more like learning about the company and it is very important as it will help you tailor your cover letter to meet the job position and knowing about the company will help you prepare to get a job in the company.

When the employer sees that you know about what the company needs, it means that you have passion and zest to work in the company. Learning about the company shows that you really want to work in that company and your potential employers will be willing to hire you.

Learning about the company will help you know how you would fit into the organization so that you will be able to show it to your potential employer to boost your chances of getting the job. So even without connection, you can get a job in Nigeria if you learn about the company you want to work for.

  • Try to develop yourself

When we talk about developing yourself, it doesn’t only mean developing skill or experience; you will also have to work on yourself. Self-development is actually very important as it will help you build character and personality.

Every employer wants to hire people with great personalities and self-development will help you work on your personality in order to improve and get better.

  • Be confident and enthusiastic

You will have to show confidence as this proves that you know what you have and what you can do. Employers love people with confidence but try not to be over confidence as it is really a red flag especially during interview.

Don’t try to show you know everything and even if you know, try to be modest about it. Getting a job in Nigeria is a sensitive matter and you will have to be careful with your approaches but in all, try to be modest.

Also show enthusiasm for the job; it is very important as it shows that you are going to give in your best to the job. This will boost your chances of getting a job without connection in Nigeria.

  • Show quality but don’t be too expensive

The quality you exhibit is your selling point and you don’t need show that you are expensive as your quality will speak for you. When you potential employer sees and knows your worth, they will certainly want to hire you even if you weren’t recommended by anyone.

They know what they will stand to gain if they have someone like you in their organization with great skill, experience and quality.

  • Work on your online presence

Your social media presence is another aspect that can help you get a job even without connection in Nigeria. Your social media platform should be professional especially when you start applying for job as some employers now go through the social media platforms to see how applicants interact online. If you have been unprofessional, you can do well to work on your privacy settings.

Also, if you have a page that has large social media traffic, your potential employer can see this as an opportunity to advertise the company and they will like to hire you even without connection.

  • Visit online job sites

This also another way you can get a job in Nigeria without connection. You will also have to visit job sites to see the latest job opening as regards to your career job. On Joblisto, we give you the latest information on job openings in your career so that you can land your dream job and key start your future.

Are Connections More Important Than Experience In Nigeria?

Well, the true of the matter is that connections are very important if you actually want to get a job in Nigeria but we are not going to write-off the importance of work experience on your chances of securing a job. If you have work experience on a job and you don’t really have the connections, you can actually get the job if you prove to your potential employer that you deserve the job ahead of others.

We can say that getting a job in Nigeria is 60% connection and 40% work experience and others. But do not go with the trend that without connection, you cannot secure a job in Nigeria because it is not totally true. If you followed what we highlighted above, you will see that you can get a job without connection in Nigeria.

One thing is that when someone recommends you to an employer, especially someone that employer trusts, the employer automatically transfers that trust to you and also treats you will same respect accorded to that person so it becomes easy for you to get a job when  you are being recommended by someone.

Is applying for jobs online a waste of time and effort?

Well, the answer to this question is NO!! Many organizations now accept online application from applicants. It is actually a fast way of applying for and getting a job without connections in Nigeria.

When applying for a job online, you just have to do everything properly and avoid mistakes so that your application is not rejected. Fill every form and attach every document that is required to your application.

You can also work on your social media presence but be professional about it. There are many job openings online and you can visit online job sites to get information about latest job openings so you can apply online and if there is a need to go to the company to submit your application.

Through online application, you can actually apply for jobs in any part of the country as you don’t have to go to the company, all you have to do is send your application to the company’s website and wait for reply from them.

What Is The Best Day To Apply For A Job?

This is really a funny question but the truth is, there is no special day to apply for a job. It is even important that you apply for jobs as you see them online. Sometimes, the jobs in Nigeria have deadlines for submission of application and so you don’t have to wait for the right time or day to apply as you would be wasting your time and risking a rush hour application.

In answering the question, we will say the best day to apply for a job is today!!!

Final note

Like you have seen from what we have discussed in this article that you can actually get a job in Nigeria even without connection although connection is an important factor in landing a job in Nigeria.

Do not be discouraged about being rejected after applying for a job, you will have to improve yourself in skill and experience; it goes a long way in increasing your chances of getting a job even without connection.

So don’t wait for the best day or time to apply for a job as the best time is now. We wish you the best in your application.

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