How To Get A Job That Is Competitive In Nigeria

How To Get A Job That Is Competitive In Nigeria – Getting a job in Nigeria is not really easy but it is not also as difficult as it seems. There are a lot of graduates out there and more are still leaving the university making the labor market filled and with few jobs to meet the labour supply. This has made most jobs in Nigeria very competitive.

You might be wondering how you can actually land a competitive job in Nigeria; well you are lucky to see this article as we are sure that you will get a lot of information from this article. We have carefully carried out our research to give you very useful information on how you can land that job that seems very competitive.

Everybody wants to work in the bank, oil companies, hospitals, and many other big organizations but how would you get this job if you are not fully equipped. Everybody that is applying for a job believe they have what it takes to land that job but what makes you stand out? What makes you think that in the midst of the competition, you will be chosen?

Well, in this article, we are going to highlight some tips that will guide you towards standing out and being ahead in a competitive job. These tips are not a hundred percent guarantee to landing that job but they are going to help and prepare you to get that job. Remember it is still up to you to put in your best towards getting the job.

So let’s get to what we have in this article.

What Is A Competitive Job?

A competitive job is a job where the applicants or potential employees wanting to fill the job opening are more than the available job position. Most of the jobs in Nigeria are competitive and even with the rising level of unemployment couple with the increasing rate of graduates leaving the university; the rate of competition in the job market is on the rise.

Why Is The Job Market In Nigeria Competitive?

Like we have mentioned earlier that the unemployment rate in the country is not slowing down and also there is an increasing rate of graduates leaving the university thereby increasing the number of unemployed people in the job market. This has made the job market so choked up and competitive as a lot of people apply for any job opening listed on any job site.

So we will say that the reason the Nigerian job market is competitive is that there is a high supply of labour with a corresponding low demand for labour by employers.

Also, some of the competitive jobs also pay high salaries and so this has made securing employments in these jobs difficult.

How To Get A Competitive Job In Nigeria

Let’s look at some tips for you to standout in the competitive job market in Nigeria.

  • Enhance your education
  • Plan your career
  • Get work experience
  • Have an amazing CV
  • Write a great cover letter
  • Get accomplishments
  • Learn about the company you apply for
  • Have the right connections
  • Get professional certificates
  • Join professional associations within your industry
  • Work on your online presence
  • Stay up-to-date with trends
  • Work on self-development
  • Acquire leadership skills
  • Prepare well for an interview
  • Enhance your education

We all know that presently in Nigeria, you cannot get a job without having a degree and in some cases, we face what we call “the battle of degrees” that is, someone that has a Master’s degree will surely be consider ahead of someone that has a Bachelor’s degree.

So if you really want to stand a chance in getting a competitive job in Nigeria, you might have to consider enhancing your education and bagging a degree at least a bachelor’s degree for a start.

Even after you have gotten your first degree, you can still work towards furthering your education as it will increase your chances of landing that competitive job. Most companies now look for Master’s degree holders and some others PhD holders. It will also earn you a promotion when you get the job.

  • Plan your career

One mistake most graduates make is that they always wait till they graduate before planning about their career and searching for job. You can start looking up for job vacancy even before you graduate; it will help you gather knowledge about how to go about searching for jobs and how you can prepare yourself for the job market.

Planning your career before learning the university will make it much easier to get a job after graduation and also get that competitive job. You have to know what your career is all about gather in-depth knowledge about your career and plan on how to get a job in your career path.

If you plan yourself well and prepare yourself for the job market even before graduation, getting a job that is competitive in Nigeria won’t be much of a problem.

  • Get work experience

If you are looking to land a job that is competitive in Nigeria, then experience and skills matters as this are what most employers look out for in your CV. It would be great if your gather experience and skill on the job you are applying for as it will make you stand out in the job market.

Every company or organization wants to hire people with potentials that will contribute to the growth of the organization and so if you have experience, you will have an edge.

To gather experience, you could look for internship even if it is an unpaid internship and you can also engage in voluntary work so as to increase your experience in the job and give you an edge when applying for the job.

You can also try to get entry roles in the industry or department you want to work in and gather experience and with time, you can transfer as you proceed.

  • Have an amazing CV

This is a very important tool for anyone looking for a job and if you are looking for a job that is competitive in Nigeria, you will have to write an amazing CV that will capture your potential employer’s attention.

Your CV is your selling point and so you will have to customize it to suit the job you are applying for. Update your CV regularly and include your most recent skills and work experience. Prepare it in a way that your potential employer will be eager to meet you and also want to see what you have to offer.

When writing your CV, the relevant information should be at the top as it will capture the attention of your potential employer and increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

Also if you have changed jobs a couple of times, it wouldn’t be necessary showing it as your potential employer might want to know the reason for leaving your previous jobs. So try to reduce or remove any unemployment gap in your CV.

  • Write a great cover letter

This is another important tool for job seekers just like the CV so your cover letter should be targeted towards the job you are applying for. It should be long and it should show why and how you would be the best option for the job.

Since there are a lot of competitions, your cover letter should not be too brief; it should show your passion and zest for the job. Write it in a way that it targets the requirements for the job and do well to talk about your skills and experience so as to impress your potential employer.

One way to write a good cover letter is by learning about the company to know what exactly the company is looking for so you can channel your cover letter towards that area. Your cover letter can be as four to five paragraphs long and each of the paragraphs should have about six to nine lines.

  • Get accomplishments

Another great way of standing out in a competitive job market is by getting great accomplishments. Your accomplishments can be what you have achieved either locally or internationally. When your potential employer sees your accomplishments, they would believe you have something to bring to the company.

Your accomplishments could be from your university or from previous jobs; this will give you an edge when applying for a competitive job in Nigeria.

  • Learn about the company

Learning about the company you want to work for will teach you a thing or two about the company and also help you see how you can fit into the company. Like we said earlier, it will help you get information on how you can write a cover letter that will make your potential employer believe that you are what the company needs.

You can also read about the history, vision and mission statement and also the achievements of the company as it will help you prepare if selected for an interview. When you read and learn about the company, you become confident and show that you are the best option for the company.

  • Have the right connections

We know that education and experience goes a long way in giving you an edge when applying for a competitive job; also having the right connection is another important factor in getting a job in Nigeria today. Most employers tend to trust someone that was referred to them by someone they trust.

This connection might not really be from your family, it could be from friends, people your meet in your daily activities that is why it is important you build network anywhere you find yourself because you don’t know when it can come in handy.

Treat people you meet politely and with respect as you never can tell who is going to inform you about a job opening or inform your potential employer about you.

You can also try to attend networking events and engage in conversation with people you meet, this goes a long way in helping you get the right connection that will help you in landing a job in Nigeria.

  • Get professional certificates

This is becoming one of the requirements for getting a job in Nigeria and for some others, it is an added advantage. Having a professional certificate will give you an edge over other applicants as it shows you have acquired additional skill and experience that you could contribute to the organization for the growth of the organization.

Many companies in Nigeria need applicants who are technology savvy and have computer skills like graphics designing, website developing and design and many other professional skills and getting a certificate in these skills will put you at an advantage when compared to others.

  • Join professional associations within your industry

Another way you can stand out in a competitive job market is by associating with others in your industry or career. You should try joining professional associations in your industry as this will give you an edge when applying for a job.

For instance an engineer who joins the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) will be consider first than other applicants as he or she is under the umbrella governing the engineering profession in Nigeria.

Joining this professional body will enhance your CV and also show that you are committed to the development of your profession. It will also give you an access to the latest trends in your industry and profession and also give you firsthand information about new job openings.

You can also get the right connections you will need for getting a job by joining a professional association. 

  • Work on your online presence

Your online presence is a very important aspect you should work on when searching for a job. Your social media platforms should be very professional as your potential employer might decide to look up for you on social media before calling you for an interview.

So you will have to update your profiles online with your skills, experience, achievements and other relevant information. You will also have to be mindful of the kind of information your share online and how you interact online; try to talk more about your industry and career. Do well to work on your privacy settings.

Also, if you have a page that has large social media traffic, your potential employer can see this as an opportunity to advertise the company and it can increase your chances of being hired.

  • Stay up-to-date with trend

You should be able to evolve with the latest trends in your industry as this will make you stand out when searching for a job in Nigeria. Try to update your skills and experience with the market trends so as to remain relevant in a competitive job market.

  • Work on self-development

Self-development is about working on yourself to build your character and learning skills. You become better than you were when you develop yourself and your ability. Self-development is important for everybody especially for you as a job seeker and many employers are looking to hire people that have value and are ready to add value to the organization.

Even if you were rejected a couple of times, you just have to sit back and see how you work on yourself and develop yourself. Self-development will help you improve in many ways and also help you develop ways to stand out and get a job that is competitive in Nigeria.

  • Acquire leadership skills

Most employers in Nigeria are looking for applicants that have the ability to lead a team and also carry the company to greater heights. When they look at the CVs of applicants, one of the skills they look at is leadership skills. They tend to select applicants that have shown a history of leadership.

You can actually acquire leadership skill over time. Try to be a mentor; work with young people in a team. Be open to learning and look for ways to benefit your industry.

  • Prepare well for interviews

If you really want to stand out in a competitive job is to prepare yourself for interviews. You wouldn’t want to go for an interview not knowing what to do or how to react to questions. You will have to walk into the room with confidence and also show your employer that you are motivated to work.

Let your potential employer see that you are the best fit for the job through your actions and response. Do a lot of research before going for interviews and show that you have mastery in your field. Every company is looking to hire candidates that will add value and contribute to the growth of the company.

You should also dress smart and well as this also has a way of influencing the way you are addressed and it also boosts your confidence.

Top 10 Most Competitive Jobs In Nigeria

It is true that Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa facing the problem of bad governance and we know that the job market in Nigeria is very competitive due to a large number of unemployed youths (graduates and non-graduates). We are going to be looking at the top ten most competitive jobs in Nigeria and they are also seen as the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Due to the high pay people in these jobs receive, it has made a lot of people want to get the jobs thereby making the job very competitive and difficult to secure employment in these jobs. We are going to be giving you a list of these jobs below.

  • Medical profession (surgeon, dentist, oncologist, etc.)
  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Digital marketing
  • Software developing
  • Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Pharmacy
  • Architecture


The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming and we are not seeing any head way soon but this shouldn’t discourage you as you can actually get a decent job in the competitive job market of Nigeria.

Though the tips we have highlighted above are not a hundred percent guarantee of getting a competitive job in Nigeria but this tips will help you prepare yourself properly for any job you wish to get.

For you to stand a chance as getting a job that is competitive in Nigeria, you will have to be fully prepared and stand out from other candidates and we have given you some tips to help you stand out from others when competing for a job.

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