How To Get A Job If You Have Anxiety

How To Get A Job If You Have Anxiety – The anxiety problem is really an issue for a lot of people and this has made a lot perform during job interviews and so others even lose their jobs. It is very important to boost your confidence level in other to help you get that your dream job and so in this article, we have prepared tips to help you work on your anxiety disorder if you have one and see how you can become more confident during interviews and getting a job.

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Let’s look at a list of what we will be discussing in this article…

Table Of Contents

  • What is anxiety?
  • What is social anxiety?
  • Can you get a job if you have anxiety?
  • How to get a job if you have anxiety
  • Type of jobs for people with anxiety
  • How to manage anxiety at work place
  • Final note

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental health disorder although it is moral to feel anxious sometimes but getting overwhelmed by this disorder is a problem. You might be having an interview and you feel nervous about how it is going to turn out but allowing the fear of the interview overwhelm you is the issue here.

Anxiety disorder goes beyond the normal nervousness and at this point.

What Is Social Anxiety?

There is a need to talk about social anxiety as this is an anxiety disorder that is as a result of fear of social gathering. The people with social anxiety are scared of getting a negative report or evaluation from others and so they become scared and start to panic when they are in a social gathering especially when they are expected to speak or relate with the public.

If you are going for an interview and you start feeling extremely scared to the extent you start trembling, sweating excessively, intense restlessness, obsessive thinking of failure or you are already at the interview venue and you start having panic attacks, quick breathing, nausea or excessive fear, then you have social anxiety and would need help to overcome this in order to get your dream job.

Social anxiety disorder is an illness that comes due to previous experiences or lost opportunities and some people do not get over it which makes them get scared of being the centre of attention or getting embarrassed or humiliated.

But if you want to get a job and you have anxiety, you shouldn’t worry because we have written this article to help you overcome this disorder and get that dream job.

What’s next?

Can you get a job if you have anxiety?

Of course you can. This is even why we have written this article.

The thing is that if you have anxiety disorder, you will easily lose concentration and focus on what you are doing and this makes it difficult to get things done as you would find it difficult to relax.

If you preparing for an interview, anxiety can make you start becoming lackadaisical in your preparation as you would have already pictured a negative outcome of the interview instead of the positive side.

But there are ways you can actually work on yourself and overcome this anxiety disorder if you want to get that job and you will be seeing it in this article and so you shouldn’t stop reading.

How to get a job if you have anxiety

It is not always easy overcoming anxiety as it takes a lot of effort and work on yourself. It is even advised that you visit professionals to help you work on your anxiety disorder but you don’t need to go too far as we are going to be giving you first hand tips on how you can overcome anxiety if you want to get a job.

Without much stress, let’s look at some of the tips to help you work on your anxiety especially of you are preparing for an interview.

  • Practice positive self-talks

Anxiety comes with negative thoughts especially if you have encountered a negative experience before which was embarrassing, you will feel every other situation will end up like dah and so you would always be negative.

But if you actually want to get over anxiety and land that dream job, you will have to be positive and also engage in positive self-talks. Assure yourself that you are good at what you do and believe in yourself.

Even if you have encountered an embarrassing situation before, maybe during an interview, you will have to forget about it and move on. Getting haunted by the past event will make you lose focus on what you would be clouded by negative thoughts.

  • Know your triggers

If you really want to overcome anxiety, you will have to know what triggers your fear and nervousness as this will help you work on yourself faster.

Your triggers could be negative thinking which will mean that you should think positively like we have stated above or you might be worried about how to meet up with your financial situation and so it might stir up your nervousness about how you would get a job making you become restless.

Overthinking can trigger anxiety and so you should try to worry less and work on boosting your confidence level.

  • Admit you have to change

Anxiety disorder is a mental health condition like we said earlier and if you really want to get over it; you have to admit that you need change as this is one step in the right direction.

You will overcome this disorder if you really want to overcome it and so when you have identified your anxiety triggers, you have to start working on yourself to see how you can overcome these triggers and build your confidence level.

For you to work on self-development, you have to admit you need development and improvement. With this, you get to start working on yourself and improving.

You can also seek professional advice to help you overcome your anxiety disorder especially if it is social anxiety that would make you tremble and fumble in a social gathering like an interview.

  • See yourself at the interview

Since you are preparing for an interview and working on how you would overcome the anxiety that comes with the interview, you can start by picturing yourself at the interview being cool and calm.

It is normal to feel anxious when you are up for an interview but training yourself on how to act and react to any situation before, during and after the interview will help you reduce your fear and nervousness.

Try to work on being cool, calm and collected when you are preparing for an interview because the interviewer wants to see your level of confidence and composure. Trembling, stammering or fidgeting is a red flag on your side.

  • Try to control your thoughts on what might go wrong

It is normal to think about the “what ifs” and also what might be the outcome of the interview but you should be in control of these thoughts so you won’t be overwhelmed by your thoughts and don’t get restless or excessively nervous.

Try to be in the present and no worry too much about the future event as it might be a trigger for you. So focus on the present and prepare for your interview instead of worrying about the outcome.

  • Study about the company

If you want to be fully prepare for an interview, you will have to research about the company and what the company stands for. In carrying out your research, you will have to look at the mission and vision of the company and some other important aspect of the company as this will help you prepare well for the interview.

It will boost your confidence level as you understand some things about the company and also know how and where you fit in the company.

Prepare answers for common interview questions and you can do this by reading past interview questions to get yourself acquainted with how the questions are likely to come especially if it is an oral interview, this will also help boost your confidence level.

  • Always be ready to learn

Learning is a continuous process and so be open-minded towards learning new things. Because you didn’t do well in a previous interview doesn’t mean that you are not good or fit for the job, it might be an opportunity to look back and see how you can do better next time.

You try to look at everything that went on during the interview to see where you didn’t do well, know your lapses and work on improving. Failure shouldn’t take you into your shell or make you lose confidence in yourself. You can worry about failing but be prepared to give it your best and walk out of the interview successfully, this is what will boost your confidence level and help you overcome anxiety.

  • Try to get a good night sleep before an interview

This is very important if you are preparing for an interview and getting a good night rest will help you refresh for the next day which is the day of the interview. Being nervous could make you restless and thereby you lose sleep making you to look paled and stressed out.

You will have to be calm and relax in order to have a sound sleep in preparation for the interview as having a sound sleep will make you wake up early and start preparing for the interview.

Types of jobs for people with anxiety

If you are working in a job that suits you, it will in a way have an impact on your mental health and boost your confidence level and your fears and worries might get reduced.

As someone with anxiety, there are some jobs that will help boost your confidence level and we are telling you this to help you narrow your search to these types of jobs so as to increase your chances of getting the job.

We are not saying you cannot get other jobs but it will be easier to get a job that you best fit if you have anxiety as it is not always easy to overcome your anxiety but you can work with it to reduce your fear and nervousness.

You will have to run a brainstorm on the kind of job you will be able to do very well even with your anxiety disorder and in doing this, you will have to be realistic as you will outline your strengths and weaknesses to ascertain what you are good at.

We are going to be showing you a list of some jobs that people with anxiety should do. They are:

  1. Flexible jobs

These types of jobs allow you to work remotely or from home and so you wouldn’t need to be in the company of people to work as you work at your own pace and schedule.

With this kind of job, you decide on when, how and where you want to work from and even if you have anxiety, you wouldn’t have to be scared of being the centre of attention as you would definitely be working alone and from your comfort. Examples of some flexible jobs are taxi driving, freelance writing, computer programming, web and graphics design etc.

  • Jobs that keep you focused

People with anxiety easily gets distracted as they lose focus and become restless. You will have to engage in jobs that require you to focus and keep your mind off worries and fear. Examples of jobs like this are nursing, yoga instructor, plumbing, carpentry etc.

  • Jobs that make a difference

Do you know that one way to work on your anxiety is to take up a job to help people with anxiety? With this, you will be able to understand yourself better and try to overcome your anxiety. Some jobs in this category are psychology, fitness training, counseling etc.

  • Jobs that deals with taking to people

If you are someone that is scared of social gatherings, you can take up a job that will make you speak to people as this is a way to train yourself to overcome your anxiety. For example, someone that cannot speak to a crowd can take up a teaching job that would require them to talk to children making them a little bit free and open.

These jobs will also give you a sense of purpose as you will be required to put in your very best.

  • Jobs that go with your passion

Passion is a drive that keeps you going even when you don’t feel like and so, you can try to take up a job that you have passion for as you will also want to put in your best and so it well regardless of your anxiety disorder.

How To Manage Your Anxiety At Your Workplace

Having anxiety at your workplace makes your work look difficult as you get bothered by the slightest thing especially when things don’t work out the way you have envisaged.

So people with social anxiety find it difficult to interact with people effectively at work as they are scared to speak in public or meeting new people but you will have to manage this anxiety at your workplace in order to deliver your best.

We are going to be showing your some tips to help you manage your anxiety at workplace so as to work comfortably and give your best to your job. Some of the tips are:

  • Understand your anxiety and know the triggers

You will have to understand what makes you anxious as these are your triggers. Knowing your anxiety triggers and also recognizing the symptoms will help you develop ways to handle your anxiety.

It could be that you are always after delivering the best and when things begin to go awry, you become very tensed and perplexed. At this period, you will have to settle down and think of possible ways to improve but this can happen when you realize that you are not perfect and so you need to give yourself some slack.

  • Know your limits and don’t take more than what you can handle

When you are over working yourself, there is every tendency that you might become anxious and this is because there are a lot of works on your hand and you are thinking about how you would deliver them especially when there is a deadline. Don’t over commit yourself.

It is very important that you know your limit and understand that you cannot do everything so you can take projects that you can deliver within the time frame so you won’t feel pressured to complete the task thereby triggering your anxiety.

  • Make plan and stay organized

Staying organized is a great way to work on your anxiety as it will help you arrange and prioritize your tasks properly so that you will handle them properly and be in control.

When you plan ahead, you would arrange your tasks in a way that it would best suit you so you don’t get overwhelmed when you are lagging.

  • Take breaks when you need them

Breaks are a way of refilling and energizing you and it is very important that you endeavor to take breaks when you work so as it ease stress and relieve tension.

  • Know that you are not perfect

This is the reason a lot of people beat themselves when they encounter failure. You should know that you are not perfect and also things might not work out the way you have planned. Prepare for the worst but still hope for the best as it will help put your mind at rest and manage your anxiety when you are at work.

  • Eat healthy and sleep well

This has proven to be a good way to manage your anxiety. You shouldn’t skip meals and make sure you eat the right food. You should also make sure you get enough rest and sleep as it will help refresh you and keep you active.

Final Note

Like we have said in this article that anxiety is normal but when it becomes extreme, it becomes a problem as you will become restless and uncomfortable. It is normal to feel slightly worried before an interview but you will have to prepare yourself for whatever comes.

We have highlighted some tips to help you work on your anxiety if you have one and see how you can become a better person whether you are looking for a job or already have one.

If you know you have anxiety whether social and General anxiety disorder, you can seek the help of professionals to help you work on your anxiety.

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