Best Businesses To Start During Lockdown In Nigeria

Best Businesses To Start During Lockdown In Nigeria – The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to certain things and we have now seen reasons we should prepare for any unforeseen event like the pandemic that made everyone stay at home for months. The pandemic stalled a lot of activities in the country as it restricted one on one contact making businesses that require physical contacts to come to a pause.

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If we haven’t learnt anything from the pandemic and lockdown, we have learnt that working remotely has a lot of advantages as it doesn’t restrict you to a particular place. During the lockdown period, a lot of people lost their jobs and became frustrated as they couldn’t fend for themselves and probably their families.

Well, we bring you good tidings as we are going to be revealing 20 businesses you can start during a lockdown period in Nigeria so you would be taken unawares by the wave of the lockdown. These businesses we will be talking about are small businesses which mean you can actually start them with little or no capital.

Let’s look at 21 businesses you can start lockdown in Nigeria:

  • Freelancing business

The freelancers were not totally affected by the pandemic and lockdown and this is because as a freelancer, not only that you get to work for different people but you get to work remotely which means you can work from home and comfortably.

Freelancing businesses are low-cost businesses like content writer, graphics and website designing etc. they don’t cost you much to start up as all you would need is your laptop and internet connection.

You would also need to join some freelancing websites where you can get freelancing jobs and meet with clients to help your business grow.

  • Fashion designing

This is another wonderful business you can start during a lockdown period as people will always need someone to give them wonderful designs for their clothes and also to mend their clothes too. So if you can sew very well, a lockdown period is the time to pick up your sewing machine and kick start your business.

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You can start by rendering tailoring services for those in your locality and with time, you take the business to another level. Yu should know that if you are good at what you do, you won’t lack customers as they will also recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

  • Catering services

This is a very lucrative business and you can even do it during a lockdown period. If you are good at baking and making eatables like cakes, cookies, bread, doughnut etc. the lockdown is a time to try out your skill and make money from it while others are at home.

You can start by rendering your catering services to people around you and if they love it, you are good to go. During the lockdown period, people will be at home and sometimes they might need something to chew and if you give them something delicious and sweet, you will certainly make sales.

  • Interior decoration

The lockdown period is a time when people are not expected to leave their homes and during this period, a lot of people might have ideas to renovate their homes and the services of an interior decorator or designing will be required. It is a wonderful business to start as it required artistic skills and creativity.

You can help in giving their home a wonderful design that is attractive. Some might decide set out a mini office in their home and would need an interior decorator to help them sort it out. So you can never be out of work as an interior decorator or designer.

It doesn’t require much capital to start up and if you are good at what you do, you will have a lot of people calling for your service.

  • Transportation services

If you are thinking of a business to go into during a lockdown and you have a car, you can consider running a transport business and conveying people to their various destinations safely.

This is a wonderful business that cannot go out of the market. You can decide to run it as a taxi where you can transport a single passenger.

  • eCommerce business

This is one of the best businesses you can start up during a lockdown people. During a lockdown period like the COVID-19 pandemic, people were not expected to get into physical contact making buying and selling somewhat impossible but this is where ecommerce comes in.

Through this, people can actually order for goods from where ever they are and it will be delivered to them. Ecommerce aids buying and selling and so it is a good business to go into during a lockdown period.

You can start your own ecommerce services in your locality and promote it on your social media to expand your customer base. Try to create a unique brand that would meet the needs of your customers so as to retain customer loyalty.

If you are running this type of business, you have to ensure that your payment method is safe and secured so that your customers can be free to use your platform to order for what they want.

Ecommerce eases the stress of moving out to get items or products as it allows them to buy from their own comfort zone and who wouldn’t like this?

  • Online teaching

You should know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were shutdown which disrupted teaching and learning but many schools in the Nigeria resorted to online teaching as they created sites and applications to help them continue teaching online.

You shouldn’t think too far about the business to start during a lockdown period as online teaching is a wonderful idea. You don’t need to meet with the learner(s) as you just need to have a computer, tablet, iPad, and smartphone in order to do this effectively.

You can reach out to a large number of students that are having problems with their studies and see how you can help out.

  • Digital marketing business

With the invention of technology, everything is going digital and so you can take hold of this opportunity as many businesses need digital marketers especially during a lockdown period.

Let’s take the pandemic period for instance, a lot of businesses were shut down and many lost their customers as they couldn’t reach out to their customers physically. Why reach out to your customers physically when you can use the services of a digital marketer to reach out to your customer and even potential customers.

In a lockdown period, you can help businesses, reach out to their target customers through online means and make money as the lockdown doesn’t stop you.

  • Art and craft businesses

During a lockdown period, you have the opportunity to explore certain skills and if you are creative in arts, you can venture into this low-cost business and start making cool money.

You can paint and make art designs for people in your locality like your neighbors or family friends and you can also use social media platforms to promote your work and reach out to a large number of potential clients.

  • Drop shipping

This has become a trending business and it made its way to the top of the market as a result of the pandemic and lockdown situation so it is a good business to go into during a lockdown period.

Drop shipping is a process where you generate online orders for wholesalers and then the goods are delivered to the people that ordered for them. Your job is just to post the products and get people to demand for them, charge a price higher than the normal price it is to be sold, deliver the product to them and keep the profit from the business.

Let’s break it down like this, assuming the product is to be sold for N20,000 and you place the price at N23,000 and sold it at that price, you get to keep the profit of N3,000 and the supplier or seller of the product gets his or her N20,000 for the product. It is a profitable business if you have a large client or customer base.

  1. Blogging

Many people are still confused about how blogging works but we are here to tell you that it is a profitable business to go into during a lockdown period. It is business you can do remotely and you will even enjoy doing.

In starting a blog, it is either you are selling your time, product or some else’ product or you can even sell three on your blog but whichever one you are doing; it is certainly a profitable business and has a low-cost too.

If you really want to make money from blogging, you will have to take blogging as a business and invest your time and capital to see it grow. Starting a blog now goes beyond your passion as you will have to look at niche that are in demand so as to remain relevant in the blogging market.

  • Website development

This is a freelancing business but we decided to talk about it separately so you will understand its importance and why you should consider it as a profitable business to start during lockdown.

A lockdown period would mean that businesses will have to shut down physically and resort to online measures to reach out to their customers and for them to do this, they would need a website developer to help them developer a user friendly website that their customers can easily assess.

A website developer is different from a website designer as the developer does a more complex job that involves coding and programming as they are the brain behind building strong websites.

You can start by rendering this service to people around you or even render the service at competitive prices to penetrate and get a foothold of the market after you must have gained more experience.

  • Video editing

A lot of people take the lockdown period to focus on growing their brand especially content creators as a lot of people spend time on social media during the lockdown period. During this period, people don’t really have much work to do and so the spend most of their time on social media and so you connect with content creators who are looking for video editors to help them edit their videos or skits.

It is one of the most profitable businesses that you can even do at your own comfort and convenience.

  • Accounting services

This is another profitable business and it is for those that how the qualification as companies are looking for people that will help them keep proper record to their business transactions, sales and profit and during a lockdown period, you can offer this service remotely.

You can help businesses manage their finance so that they could stay afloat even in the lockdown period.

  • Affiliate marketing

You shouldn’t even think it twice as this business is a great one to venture into during a lockdown period especially if you have a heavy social media presence or you have a website with large followers. It is more like advertising the products of companies on your social media platforms or websites so as to grow the company’s followers.

Using your means to do promotion for businesses and also giving positive reviews about companies. You get paid for the number of people that patronize the product you displayed on your platform.

  • Making home-made perfumes

This is another great business idea to go into during a lockdown period. If you have learnt to make it, then you can venture into the business as it doesn’t cost much and you can start by selling to the people in your locality, family and friends.

You can even showcase your product online through social media platforms or a website so as to reach out to a larger audience.

  • Poultry business

The list will not be complete if we don’t mention this particular business. It is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses and you can actually start this small and grow it to something big. You can actually venture into this business during a lockdown period as it involves rearing poultry birds.

You can start small by buying the chicks and train them till they are matured after which you can sell them. There are a lot of benefits you stand to gain in rearing poultry birds as they can be reared for meat, egg or breeding.

  • Shoe making

This is a great one to venture into and you will certainly make cool money from this. It is one wonderful business you can start up during a lockdown period in Nigeria and if you are good at it, your business will surely grow into something big.

You can start by making shoes for people around you and then expand by showcasing your products online to reach out to a large number of customers. You can make stylish and attractive shoes that people would love.

  • Instagram influencer

A large number of people are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. and these people reach out to these platforms for different purposes; it could health, fitness, lifestyle or any other product advice. The Instagram business is one that has seen a high and fast growth rate in recent times and you can actually excel at it in a lockdown period as you have enough time to spend on it.

Being an Instagram influencer would mean that you would be creating contents to keep your followers engaged as the business is not only about followers but also about engagements.

You will have to show and discuss things that are helpful to your audience as this will help retain their followership and engagement on your page. You can also get to run advert for companies or business which is a way you can also earn money as an influencer.

  • Selling phone accessories

The invention of smartphones has created a market for the sale of smartphone accessories like earphones, phone case, chargers etc. and it is a great business that you can venture into during a lockdown period. You could make tangible income and if you sell original products, you won’t run out of customers.

  • YouTube videos

Just like the Instagram we mentioned earlier, this is also a great business to venture into as there is an increase in the number of people that spend their time watching videos online during a lockdown period and YouTube is a platform where you can benefit from making high quality videos under different niche like food, health, dancing, etc.

This business can become a long lasting source of income for you provided you are consistent in creating quality content that educates people.

Final Note

From all we have talked about so far, you must have seen that there are a lot of businesses you can venture into during a lockdown period and this information is to help you prepare for any uncertainty as you will have something to fall to in a period of lockdown.

Whether there is a lockdown or not and for whichever reason, it shouldn’t stop you from running your business and so the businesses we talked about in this article are some of the businesses you can do during a lot down period and make money from them. Also, some of them can be done remotely and at your own convenience.

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